We originally had turf sessions booked at UBC with hopes of repeating our successful RSCA 3-Game Series in the Fall. These planned games would have allowed us to film, assess, and continue our work on athlete recruitment and learning videos.


RSCA Coaches have agreed that while game-play is not possible at this time, these turf time slots can be utilized to have a more focused, and skill-specific program. We recognize that many of our athletes (like myself) learn more efficiently visually than the constant verbal feedback at training. We hope this more specified program can help fast-forward the mastering of these core technical elements for our athletes.


A more dedicated focus on a handful of fundamental core hockey technical skills and provide an environment which we can breakdown, either using repetition and video feedback, thus providing a solid foundation for these skills and specific individual feedback for our athletes.

Provide a training environment where athletes can focus on specific core technical skills by focusing on only two skills in a session.


Components of a session?

1. Warm-up

2. Split group

3. Side A

    a. Skills assessment (Film) 

    b. Drill One – Break down key areas in Preparation / Action and Recovery

    c. Drill Two – Repetition (film for feedback and scouting footage)

4. Side B – Same as above ( then swap)

   a. Skills assessment (Film) 

   b. Drill One – Break down key areas in Preparation / Action and Recovery

   c. Drill Two – Repetition (film for feedback and scouting footage)

5. Follow up

Each athlete will receive an individual Assessment/Feedback Video with a comparison of 'what good looks like' and their video as they execute the skills. There will also be some some written coaching points which will allow the athletes clearly understand where they can make adjustments to refine the skills we have worked on through the program. We hope these videos and feedback points will allow our athletes to train and perfect their skills on their own during the summer.

Program curriculum?

Session 1: Forehand hitting & Tomahawk Shooting 

Session 2: Sweep Hitting & Backhand Sweeping

Session 3: Snap Pass & Lifted Passes

Session 4: Receiving Skills & Leading

Session 5: Elimination Skills & Penalty Corner Skills


April 25 --> S1: 6.30pm-8.00pm @UBC

May 2 --> S2: 6.30pm-8.00pm @UBC

May 16 --> S3: 6.30pm-8.00pm @UBC

June 6 --> S4: 6.30pm-8.00pm @UBC

June 27 --> S5: 6.30pm-8.00pm @UBC

*all sessions will be following with 8.00-8.30PM optional free turf time w/ platinum film package athletes working with coaches.

*athletes will arrive at 6.15PM for check-in.


$499.99 +gst (total with gst $525)
*please note there will be a tremendous number of hours needed to complete all the video assessments and individual feedback prepared for our athletes from each of the sessions.

This registration fee will include:
1. 5 training sessions
2. Video and written feedback from each of the sessions and skills worked on.

3. Coaches Rob and/or Paul will also be available for zoom calls to discuss elements of your feedback should you have any questions that are not answered.

Video Optional?
Some of our athletes have been asking for some help with recruitment videos but did not sign-up for our Fall video packages. If any athlete is looking for some video help we do have an option to create a RSCA video made from your training in this program. Please reach out via email to discuss with Rob.

Payment Instructions?

If interested please e-transfer Rob a total of $525.00 via email to confirm your participation in this program. The deadline for registration is Friday, April 23, 2021 at 9.00AM. If there is not enough interest we will cancel the program shortly after the registration deadline.